Fee Structure

Most agents charge 15% of the rental income – 10% upfront and 5% monthly. Next Home have no set fee's and find a tailored package to each landlord and their needs is a much fairer way for us to conduct our business.

Every Landlord and property is different so why shouldn't agent fees reflect that.

No upfront fees or charges on managed properties, Next Home will only collect a commission on rent already collected. By working like this the Landlords will know they will only pay for services already supplied.

So why Next Home Ltd?

  • We prioritise the Landlords and tenants best interests and properties before our profits
  • We are confident of the decisions made with tenants and therefore only take fees after the landlord has received the rental income
  • Loyal and long-standing staff members who care about the industry and quality of service offered

View our Terms and Business fees.